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At Lucid Services, every job embodies our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and seamless service through our refined four-step process. With keen attention to details throughout the phases of inspection, assessment, construction, and cleanup, we keep clients updated on timetables and progress to instill confidence in Lucid's transparency. Lastly, we conduct multi-point inspections backed by ironclad warranties to validate satisfaction that aligns with our standards for excellence. With every step guided by Lucid's signature process, we build and safeguard dream homes.


When you contact Lucid Services to schedule an appointment, the process unfolds seamlessly. We guarantee a prompt arrival at the date and time that suits you best. For roof repair appointments, our meticulous inspection begins. Our experienced roof inspectors possess the knowledge to identify both apparent and potential roofing issues. Beyond assessing the outer roof, our inspectors delve into your attic to examine the underlying structure.


Following the inspection, our team collaborates with you to discuss our findings. Together, we determine the next course of action. Count on us to recommend appropriate solutions; if minor repairs suffice, that's our recommendation. Should the roof necessitate replacement, we explore options, even discussing the possibility of filing an insurance claim. We recognize the challenges of unplanned roof replacements and aim to simplify the decision-making process for you.


Upon your decision to proceed with roofing repairs or installation, we initiate the contract process. Once approved, we discuss potential start dates, ensuring they align with your preferences. From preparation to completion, Lucid Services expertly manages the construction phase, overseeing the repair or installation schedule and ensuring timely completion.


Before embarking on cleanup, we inspect our repair and installation work for quality assurance. Every discarded roofing piece and stray roofing nail is meticulously collected and properly disposed of. Before leaving, we sit down with you to review your manufacturer and service warranty coverage, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

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